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Friday, January 25, 2013

Vintage French Country

Vintage French Country Design

I have to admit, I really like vintage design style.  Very simplistic and yet elegant.  Recently I had the opportunity to help a client create a sophisticated and elegant take on vintage french style.  To make the new chairs have that vintage style, I chose a slip covered style chair and upholstered the chairs in a fabulous crushed velvet in a grey taupe color.  To add a little unexpected, I had the ottoman upholstered in a tone on tone animal print in the same grey taupe color.  The area rug adds a little whimsy, it is a grey blue shag.  We mixed the room up with distressed and aged tables.
The accessories were my favorite part of this project.  I shopped a lot of local antique stores and shows.  Atlanta has a great show that comes once a month.  Scott's Antiques, really worth the trip, it takes a couple of days to really shop it.  I used several antique french books in a variety of sizes.  As well as cigar boxes to adjust height and store other unique finds.  The wicker trey add texture and color to the ottoman.  I filled the cigar box with wine corks.  The tea pot is from a Paris Cafe.
 The display cabinet was a new piece with an aged look.  This piece is from Hooker Furniture Company.  I filled this cabinet with Wicker Wine Bottles, which really add texture to the cabinet.  I also found a wicker bird house, old wooden thread spools.  I filled a cigar box with rolled music sheets and twine balls and added color with moss balls in a variety of sizes.  The antique lantern in the bottom right has dried hydrangeas inside and the cloak at the top has a bird's nest with eggs.  I love the results and had a great time researching and getting ideas to create this space.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Decorating

Photo from Weather.com
Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love the crisp coolness of the mornings.  The air feels so fresh and invigorating.  I love watching all of God's creatures preparing for the cold weather to come.  For the past few weeks, I have watched the birds totally devour a tree in my backyard.  I don't know what kind of tree it is, I really need to find out, but in the fall it gets these green berries, that eventually turn purple and fall off.  Well the birds absolutely love them.  It is not unusual for there to be a 100 birds in this tree at one time.  Then the deer in my neighborhood begin to come out and you have to be very careful driving.  They will dart right out in front of you before you know it.

Photo Credit:  Sweetsomethingdesign.blogspot.com
But my favorite part of fall, (besides SEC football beginning...GO DAWGS!) is the beautiful display of color that God has so gifted us with.  Being a person that is so into color, I think the colors of fall are the most spectacular!  Not only does God gift us with color in the fall,, but he gifts us with the most amazing decorating items from nature.  Pumpkins in their beautiful shades of orange.  Squash in a variety of greens and yellows.  Leaves in the most gorgeous shades of red, yellow and orange that can only be reproduced by the one who created them.  And who would have thought that a barren tree branch could make such a statement.

I hope that you will enjoy the bountiful gifts that God has blessed us with everyday and every season, but I hope you especially enjoy the bountiful beauty that fall has to offer.  It is a season of thanksgiving and praise.  We celebrate Thanksgiving in the fall as we begin to prepare for the birth of Christ in the winter.  I see Fall as the season to rejoice in the good harvest of the summer.  Then it starts shining its glorious beauty in color before it falls asleep for the winter to rest and replenish itself for the the beauty and birth of spring.

Enjoy these fall decorating ideas, show the splendor and beauty of nature in your home, celebrate the good harvest and await the glorious spectacular color of fall.

Photo credit:  granvillehouse.blogspot.com

Photo Credit:  anita-faraboverubies.blogspot.com
What a beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement this would make.  Make your guest feel special and welcome by creating a beautiful table.
Photo Credit:  foldedgingham.blogspot.com
Nothing says welcome to your guest than a beautiful front entry.  

Photo Credit:  Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
I love the simplicity.