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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Your living room no longer has to be a place that is stuffy and formal. Gone are the days of matching furniture covered in plastic so that it won't get damaged. We no longer need a parlor type room to entertain friends for afternoon tea. Today we are living a more casual lifestyle. So why do you need a formal room that is never used. You can still have a nice room for entertaining guests, but a stiff, formal room is not exactly conducive to having a nice visit with friends and making people feel comfortable while entertaining.

So what can you do to still have a casual but welcoming living room?

Use more versatile furniture and invest in pieces that are classic in style and comfortable.

Make your living room look more comfortable and "lived in". Don't buy matching sets. Mix new pieces with old pieces. Start with comfortable seating and add in antiques or flea market finds.

Place lighting at different levels in the room. Use a combination of accent lighting, table lamps and decorative lamps to add warmth and atmosphere to your living room

Try to create a 'lived-in' look for your living room, in other words, make it look like you use it more often than you actually do. Place small furniture in the room, accent tables or an ottoman work well. Place magazines or a book on tables – they can spark conversation as well as liven up the room. Don’t overaccessorize, or the room will look too cluttered.

If you tone down the formality of your living room, you can not only make guests more comfortable, but you can make it comfortable enough to make it your own personal hideaway. Wouldn’t you love to have a living room you actually use? Create a place that you will enjoy spending time in.

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