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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Decorating with Birdcages and Lanterns

Birdcages are not for housing your feather friends anymore.  They have become an accessory in your home.  The only thing missing is the bird or at least the chirping kind.  Looking through shelter magazines, pinterest and blogs, you can not miss this new trend.  Birdcages have taken over.  They are now filled with candles, plants and just about anything that will fit inside them.

The candles inside this birdcage have a bird on them.  What a great idea.  I love the unusual shape of these birdcages.

The white birdcage staged with birdhouses and other vintage items really makes a statement in this room.

Hanging birdcages on the wall is another great idea.  Fill them with small terra cotta pots with herbs and flowers.  This would make a great statement in your kitchen or outdoor space.  I found these birdcages at Neimen Marcus.

Ahh what a statement the red birdcage makes on top of the book shelf.  Simplicity makes this work.


A collection of birdcages all similar in size and shape really makes a focal point.


Search for vintage birdcages at flea markets and antique stores or purchase them new.  They are easy to find and most home decor stores carry them.  Try it, you will love them!


Lanterns are another trend in home design.  They are not for your outdoor spaces anymore.  Bring them inside and fill them with battery powered candles and you will have great accent lighting.  Pottery Barn carries a great selection.  I love that little touch of vintage that they give to a room.  You can group them together or make a statement with just a single lantern.






glass lantern 530x477 Steel Lantern Garden, Harmony of Nature