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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valance - Most popular window treatment...

Today in the workroom, I am preparing for my upcoming "Valance Class", everything you need to know to make beautiful and custom valances for your home.

So I thought that I would share with you some great inspirational pictures, to get you in the mood to start making valances.

A valance is one of the easiest treatments to make if you know a few simple ways of breaking them down or dissecting them.  With this knowledge, you can truly make one of a kind pieces of window artwork.  You don't even need a pattern if you have the know how!!  Well guess what, to get the skinny on the know how, you have to attend the class.  I can not give away all of my secrets.

But to give you a little teaser, all you have to know is the 5 types of valances and you will be able to create your very own designs as well as make anything you see in a magazine.  You can change up the horns, cascades and jabots and really make a one of a kind treatment.  Yes we will be talking about those too!!

A very simple valance can be made into a very eloquent window treatment by using the right embellishments.  You know tassels, trim, beads, embroidery, cording, banding, etc.  We will talk about when and where to use embellishments and how to think outside the box when using them.

I hope I have sparked your interest in learning all there is to know about a valance and will come and dissect them with me.  You will be making amazing valance treatments in your home before you know.

Oh and did I mention you will be making your own valance in class!!!  So start thinking about which room you want to dress up!

Very elegant shaped header with exaggerated jabots.

Very fun and simple valance with fun and playful pom pom fringe.

Mixing fabrics and a decorative buttons with tassels.

This treatment filled a large bow window.  All of the tassel fringe really made this treatments flow and move about the room.  Again a mix of fabrics and the cute bow made this treatments.

Simple yet very tailored and elegant.

Installing this treatment on a decorative iron pole gave this treatment  a touch of class.

The embroidery design in the middle brought the gathered jabot fabric and the solid center fabric together and gave your eye a little bit of eye candy.  Simply stated yet very unique.

This is one of my favorites!!  This is a simple awning treatment, but the amazing mural on the wall is what dictated the design.  I wanted to pick up where the artist left off.  The tree and leaves are appliqued on, this give the effect that nothing stops.

Hope you have enjoyed some of my favorite valances.

Call me to register for the Valance class
You to will be making these for your home!!

(770)597-7003 or athee@bellsouth.net

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