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I have a passion for creating. I love to sew, decorate, paint, read, travel. I have been sewing and decorating for years. I love teaching and sharing my inspiration. I love thinking outside the box and believe everything can be made into something new! I am sew inspired and love simplicity in my life. I have a very successful decorating business. I also love teaching my sewing classes and sharing this gift that I have been blessed with. Sewing is becoming a dying art and I want to do my part in keeping it alive.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Plans

I have been very blessed that God gave me the talent to create.  I have so enjoyed the many years I have spent decorating my clients homes as well as sewing and creating some amazing and beautiful window treatments, pillows, bedding and so much more.

Recently I have felt the desire to teach others what is becoming a lost art.  Sewing.  I want to share that deep passion and desire that I have for creating.  When I am sewing the hours tick by, my mind goes into this deep concentration and settles down from thinking and stress.  So this marks the year that I will be sharing my passion with others.  Giving the gift that God gave me to others. 

I have also decided that a portion of the profit from teaching will be going to help others.  I have discovered that there are so many people that could benefit from learning to sew for a trade.  There is a need all over the world to teach women a trade so that they can support themselves and feed their children.  I don't yet know where God is leading me on this, but I am definitely up for the challenge and the journey.

Keep checking in to see where my journey takes me and to follow along with the students that are giving themselves the gift.

If anyone knows of a group or organization that could benefit from learning to sew, please let me know.  Ask and God will send you where you need to go.  So I am asking!

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