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I have a passion for creating. I love to sew, decorate, paint, read, travel. I have been sewing and decorating for years. I love teaching and sharing my inspiration. I love thinking outside the box and believe everything can be made into something new! I am sew inspired and love simplicity in my life. I have a very successful decorating business. I also love teaching my sewing classes and sharing this gift that I have been blessed with. Sewing is becoming a dying art and I want to do my part in keeping it alive.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Fabric Designers

This is designed by Lila Tuellers
I love the mix of colors in this fabric designed by Lila Tueller

The above fabric is designed by Heather Bailey

I love the vibrant colors of the blue in this fabric designed by Anna Marie Horner

Another Anna Marie Horner fabric.
Other designers to check out are Amy Butler and Sandi Henderson.

I am a fabric guru. I will admit it. I love fabrics of any color, texture, style, whatever it doesn't matter. I have found some great fabric designers. Check out these sites for fabulous fabrics for clothing, home decor', and quilting. I get so excited when UPS comes to deliver my new fabric samples books to my studio. I spend the rest of the day just flipping thru and touching all of the new fabrics and dreaming of which job I could use the fabrics.


I have alway said "One day I will find a way to use up all of the fabrics pieces I have carried from home to home, because I just can not get rid of them, I may need them one day.