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Monday, February 15, 2010

My latest project

It is hard to believe this started as a blank wall. With a little imagination, a lot of fabric and a fantastic workroom and craftsmen, this is what we ended up with. Now my clients have a room fit for a King and Queen.
So what can you do to turn your Master Bedroom into a romantic oasis? First and foremost start with a great color. One that you love and one that will create the mood that you are trying to accomplish. Cool colors: Blues, greens and yellows with add softness and create a quite calm. Warm Colors: Red, purples and oranges will spice up a room and create the feeling of excitement. Next choose the best bedding you can afford or have something custom made for you. Custom will allow you to choose the fabrics you love. Next add a lot of mood lighting. Lamps and candles will add ambience. Think outside the box when using accessories, try to find other uses for items that are out of the norm. The larger the accessories, the less you will have to have and the less cluttered the room will feel.
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Lisa Graham said...

That is gorgeous! Who would have thought that smokey glass mirrors would make for such a dynamic wall treatment! Truly thought that went away with the '70s and the heyday of Hugh Hefner... clearly, mirrors are back, baby!!! Looks great! Congratulations!