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Friday, February 3, 2012

Beginning Sewing Class

Beginning sewing class is off to a great start.  Monday they learned how to drive their sewing machines and earned their license.  One of the most challenging issues in sewing is trouble shooting machine problems.  Having machine problems is one of the major reasons people pack up their machines and never turn them on again.  Once you know what causes problems and how to fix them you are ready to sew and feel much more comfortable and confident.  I always think it is so funny when my students tell me they have been afraid to even turn the machine on!!

Every machine is different and in a small class, we can tailor the class to each person and machine.  Proper maintenance is also very important to keeping your sewing machine running smoothly.  So understanding how and when to clean your machine is very important.  It's like keeping your car in tip top working condition.

The best part of class is when you give them a scrap of fabric and thread the machine and send them off on a test drive.  It's such a thrill!!!

Next week, we learn how to read a pattern, how and why pressing is so important, choosing the right fabric for a project, how to cut out the pattern and fabric and how to transfer markings.  Then we will tackle button holes and zippers.

I love sharing this art with eager students!  What a life changing lesson they are learning.  It makes me think back to when I first learned to sew.  There wasn't enough time to make all of the things I wanted to make.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and go to my sewing machine.  When I am involved in a sewing project, I loose all track of time.  It is amazing to look back through my portfolio at all of the things that I have made myself over the years.  My passion for sewing also created this eagerness to learn many other techniques such as embroidery, smocking, quilting and just simply manipulating fabric and figuring out how to push the envelope and come up with new techniques of my own.  And what a better way to earn a living than doing what you love!

I also love sharing the gift of sewing with children.  The only way children are going to learn to sew is if we teach them.  They don't have home economics in school anymore and unless you teach them, how will they learn.  Kids get a huge thrill out of making things themselves.

But my favorite part of sewing is making things for other people.  I love giving handmade gifts to people as much as I love receiving hand made gifts.  The time and thought that goes into them is priceless!

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