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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Pinterest Addiction

Pintervention neededOkay, I'm coming out of the closet!  I am addicted to Pinterest!  I know there are others out there that can relate.  It is the best thing since ahhh!  I can not think of anything!  It's the best.  For years I have been saving pictures on my computer, when that filled up I moved them to an external hard drive.
http://pinterest.com/angelathee/Pinterest Logo

With Pinterest I have so many other people helping me find pictures of the things I love, the things I want to do, decor that speaks to me and recipes I want to try.

I have 26 Boards and 2890 pins (at this time that could change at any given moment).  I am now finding that I need more boards to organize my pins.

Pinterest allows you to save pictures to links for things that you like.  You can set up boards such as Home Decor, Recipes, Travel, etc.  You can follow other people and their pins and they can follow you.

Like many others, I can spend hours on Pinterest.  I don't consider this wasting my time, I think it's an investment in myself.  Supposedly Pinterest is for finding ideas and getting up and doing them, well I have discovered, that there are probably not enough hours in the days ahead to do all the things I have pinned, but it will be fun trying.

So here are a few of my favorite pins.

I love this bedroom!  I love the silver and blue.  And that black pillow, oh my my!
I have this obsession with burlap.  I love the texture and I really love the simplicity of it.
I love to crochet and have found great tutorials and patterns.
I love pillows and I love making pillows.  I have found some great ideas for pillows.
Go on, take the leap.  Join me and many, many others that just can not seem to get enough of Pinterest.

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